Did you know that the terms ‘scarcity’ and ‘abundance’ can relate to your mindset and, as a result, your happiness? Keep reading to find out what I mean.

In a meeting with dozens of clients recently, it struck me that some were miserable and some were in a state of total bliss. It got me thinking about what we as people want out of life. Sure, we have needs, but on an intrinsic level, we all just want to be happy.  

What makes the difference, then?  

Essentially, mindset is everything—some of my clients are risk-averse and some think big and act on those ambitions. Another way of thinking about it is scarcity versus abundance.

Those with an abundance mindset aren’t afraid to fail when taking risks, and they know that if they do, they’ll get up again and learn from it. On the other hand, someone with a scarcity mindset avoids risks at every turn and is their own worst enemy in reaching their full potential, whatever that may be.

“Try shifting your mindset toward abundance.”

If you’re in the former category, figure out how you can move to the latter and live the life you so deserve. It’s all about casting aside your reservations and doubts and not running away from risk. 

Also, I can’t stress enough how important it is to think about what makes you happy and to go for it. For me, it’s about aiding my clients and my team in reaching their goals. Ultimately, try shifting your mindset toward abundance.

Here’s to your continued success this week and beyond. If you have any questions about the Capital Region real estate market, please give me a call at 518-461-9937 or email me at Kevin@ClancyRealEstate.com. I’d love to speak with you or get you in touch with someone on my team who can help!