What decisions are troubling you? Here’s how to help yourself commit to your choices.

In recent weeks, I’ve seen many clients suffer from analysis paralysis—they’re simply having a difficult time making decisions. My team and I have to make hundreds of decisions each week—each day, even. We’ve learned it’s important to make a commitment.

Decisions are rarely fatal, but we still beat ourselves up about them often. You just can’t go back and change the past, however. After you make a decision, you need to commit to it and move forward. Too often, we’ll judge a decision based on the outcome, but that’s the wrong way to do it. A decision should be made based on the data you have at the time and the likelihood that it will lead you to the desired outcome. 

If you drive under the influence and make it home without hurting anyone, it does not mean you made a good decision. It was a horrible one based on the data you had available.

Once you commit to a decision, the anxiety and pressure you feel will go away. And if your decision wasn’t good, it can still be a learning experience and help you make adjustments for the future. Keep in mind, too, that bad decisions aren’t usually the end of the world anyway.

“After you make a decision, you need to commit to it and move forward.”

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