Here’s what’s going on in our current crazy real estate market.

This real estate market we’re in has been crazy. In my 30 years in the business, I’ve never seen a market like this. We’ve been selling homes for $30,000, $40,000, and even $50,000 over list price, some of them selling for cash and with no inspections.

Yet other homes simply sit on the market. How quickly a home sells and for how much depends on the way it’s priced and positioned, as well as the skill of your agent. 

However, we are starting to see the market cool down a little bit as more homes are being listed. The supply-demand imbalance is starting to normalize a bit. Granted, homes aren’t getting upwards of 25 showings on the first day of listing like we were seeing a couple of months ago, but many homes get around seven or eight showings, which is still fantastic.

Lakefront and primary school market prices are still through the roof, but despite that, it’s still a great time to buy. Mortgage rates are still very low.

If you’re thinking about selling a home, now is the time. When markets turn, they turn quickly, and we’re starting to see the subtle signs that we’re entering into a market that’s more balanced and healthy. As always, real estate is local, and your outcome depends on your neighborhood, school system, style, location, and your home’s condition. Whether you want to sell now or wait until after you do some upgrades, we’re here to help you with your goals.

“When you make decisions, they might end up being wrong, and that’s okay—the key is to make quick adjustments.”

Now, let’s move on to the second part of today’s topic. If you’re not already aware, Tony Robbins is a motivational speaker who helps people reach peak performance. I went to one of his seminars around 10 years ago, and at the time, I didn’t realize what a profound effect he had on my life. I recently was able to attend his virtual “Unleash the Power Within” seminar, and I’d like to share what I took from my experience.

Much of Tony’s focus is on being grateful, and that was one of my main takeaways. Negative things happen all the time; my car was rear-ended the other day on the way to an appointment, but things like that happen sometimes. I was just grateful that I wasn’t killed or pushed into the car in front of me.

The other takeaway was that the quality of your life is directly related to the number of risks you take. In other words, if you don’t take risks, you’re probably not going to live a full life. The higher your risk tolerance is, the easier it is to make decisions. Remember that when you make decisions, they might end up being wrong, and that’s okay—the key is to make quick adjustments.

We’ve all been kind of pent-up since COVID first struck, so now is a good time to get out there and do those things you didn’t do before the pandemic. If you have any questions about the market or would like to learn more about what I learned from Tony Robbins’ seminar, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.