Why hasn’t your home sold? There are usually three reasons why good homes don’t sell on the market.

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“Why didn’t that home sell?”

I’ve heard this question and others like it many times in my 25 years in the business. I’ve sold thousands of homes in that time, so my experience and education in marketing have given me three reasons why I think a home won’t sell.


1. Pricing. As hard as it is for a seller to understand, I can sell a home with mold, radon, bad wells with coliform in the water, and more. When it comes to pricing, it has to reflect those issues. Often agents simply don’t do their homework on pricing correctly.

2. Marketing. I hate to see homes that are advertised with pictures taken on a cell phone. We always use professional photographers when we market for sellers. But it’s more than just that; you also need to position the home to reach the target market and promote the price. A lot of Realtors don’t understand the market that they’re trying to reach. 86% of people start their home search on the internet, so if an agent doesn’t understand how to use social media or isn’t spending enough on online marketing, it simply won’t sell.

3. Sellers. Sellers can often be their own worst enemies. They might mean really well, but sometimes they hire us and don’t take our advice or they don’t let buyers in. I recently took on a home that had been on the market for over a year with another agent—over the first week, we had five showings and my seller had five showing requests denied! Buyers that are denied showings probably won’t come back. Don’t assume that a buyer isn’t serious enough. You’ve got to be flexible as a seller.

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